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(Tutorial by Brian (bst82551))

Configuring Your Proxy Settings

Information About Proxies

Dictionary.com's definition of proxy is as follows:
n. pl. prox·ies

1. A person authorized to act for another; an agent or substitute.
2. The authority to act for another.
3. The written authorization to act in place of another."

Using a proxy server has several advantages involved including:

  • No learning curve over normal web browsing
  • Anonymity
  • More secure if an authentication scheme is involved

Configuring Your Proxy Settings in K-Meleon

1. Start K-Meleon if you haven't already 2. You need to find a proxy first. If you already know which proxy you will be using, then go ahead and skip to step 3. Either search for a proxy list or use my personal favorite to find a nice anonymous or transparent proxy server. 3. Go to (Edit > Preferences > Proxy) or (Tools > Preferences > Proxy) depending upon which version of K-Meleon you're using. You should see something very similar to the following:


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