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The K-Meleon Skinning and Theming Tutorial

Welcome to the skinning/theming tutorial for K-Meleon. Here you will find some instructions and guides on various aspects and techniques for theming K-Meleon.

Follow the links below for the tutorials.

How to change skins.

  • For details on how to change a skin/theme visit here.

What's in a Skin?

  • For information on what components constitute a theme, visit here.

Toolbars.cfg Guide

  • For more information on how to interpret and customize a toolbars.cfg file, please visit this page.

Tools for Creating and Editing Theme Components

  • For a guide to some good freeware applications for use with skins and themes, visit the ThemeTools page.

Customizing K-Meleon Even Further

  • For some advanced ideas and techniques on customizing K-Meleon even more then visit this page.

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