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K-Melon without Interface
Posted by: samfourie
Date: May 17, 2010 04:36AM

This is a Difficult Question to Explain! and i cannot reveal the reasons either ! Please Bear with me !

Is it possible to compile and run a K-melon version without the interface ? but with the tabs still usable ?


can i then send commands to the "Raw engine" so that it simulates the basic commands that would have been the next previous stop and reload buttons ! but then add my own buttons to the button bar that i create for other purposes?

i am a wanna-be programmer and i am fooling around in "Neobook" and some of the applications that i need to write needs internet access. Neobook has an Internet Explorer Snap-in of sorts that i can invoke to browse the internet. But we all know that IE sucks like a Hoover Vacuum cleaner on Monday morning after a long weekend !

So ? If i need to explain more please tell....

if not shout the answer !


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Re: K-Melon without Interface
Posted by: guenter
Date: May 17, 2010 08:42AM

I do not understand what You want exactly. But K-Meleon has a kiosk mode where end users cannot access many things. If Your programming language can use it?

It has been recently answered.

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Re: K-Melon without Interface
Posted by: desga2
Date: May 18, 2010 03:34AM

Is it possible to compile and run a K-melon version without the interface ? but with the tabs still usable ?

It's possible but unusable, What's you mean really with "interface" word?
An application without interface in Windows is a command line tool.
If you like a browser text mode try with Lynx text browser for Windows.
If you like a kiosk mode, guenter already said how you do above.
If you are a programmer you can changed all you want in the code because K-Meleon is Open Source.
In K-Meleon everything in interfaz is modificable; menus, toolbars, buttons, popup menus, accelerators (keys shortcut), Also you can plugins like Mouse Gestures included and you can extend your features with the K-Meleon Macro Language.
For more info you can read the Documentation section.

K-Meleon in Spanish

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Re: K-Melon without Interface
Posted by: JohnHell
Date: May 20, 2010 04:44AM

Neobook is as Multimedia Builder is an application to create digital books, or applications, or presentations, or CD menus, etc. Maybe you don't get his idea because of this.

What he wants is to call the browser as full screen mode and not switchable back to window (easy to do disabling accels to do it and removing menus).

Anyway, the last time I used was years ago (4.x version) and I don't know that its capabilities are better now, but you could send, to k-meleon window, javascript commands as urls as follows:

Stop = javascript : stop();
Reload = javascript:window.location.reload();
Back = javascript:back();
Next = javascript:forward();

Edit: I forgot the damn code tag tongue sticking out smiley, argh, still showing the smiley... so caution with spaces in the stop function.

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