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Submitted by: rstlne


vi.sualize.us is a service for bookmarking and sharing images. This macro is equivalent to the vi.sualize.us bookmarklet except that it works even if you have your bookmark options set to open bookmarks in a new layer. Invoke the macro from the Document popup menu on the web page containing the image you wish to share.

Open your User Macro Folder (Edit > Configuration > User-Defined Macros) or your Macro Folder (Edit > Configuration > Macros) and create the following text file(s):


# visualize.kmm
# Macro equivalent to the vi.sualize.us bookmarklet for posting an image to
# vi.sualize.us. This macro is the same as the bookmarklet provided by
# vi.sualize.us, except that the macro works even if you have set your
# bookmark options to open bookmarks in a new layer.

# Temporarily turn off popup blocking.

$__s="(function(){function l(u,i){";
$__s=$__s."var d=document;if(!d.getElementById(i)){";
$__s=$__s."var s=d.createElement('script');s.src=u;s.id=i;";

# Restore popup blocking if it was turned on previously.

setmenu(Document,macro,"Post to vi.sualize.us",visualize_go,-1);


# vim:set tw=0:
# -- The End --

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