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Welcome to the K-Meleon Macros Library. Here you'll find user submitted macros which showcase the features and possibilities of K-Meleon with the macros plugin. To get a better understanding of the macro language, check out the Macro Language page.

To submit your own, click here and place the link to your macro at the top of the list. For your convenience, you can use the Macro Submission Template as a guide to create your macro page by copy & pasting its contents into yours and then filling it out with your macro information.

  • Page Speed 04-01-05 - Tweak K-Meleon Page Download Speed
  • Open Nick or Macro 26-12-03 - This macro allows you to open a nickname or macro via a prompt which is called from an accel or toolbar button.
  • Detach a layer 24-12-03 - This macro is a modification of the version available by default in macros.cfg. The effect is to open a new window with the current page while closing the layer in the current window.
  • Load URL in New Layer 20-12-03 - This Macro allows you to load a URL from the URL bar in a new Layer - preserving the current page
  • Close layer button 12-10-03 - This code adds a new toolbar containing a "close layer" button.
  • Toggling toolbars 12-05-03 - This macro creates variables that can be used to toggle specific toolbars (KM and user-defined).
  • Decode ROT13 10-31-03 - Use this macro to decode or encode ROT13 coded text.
  • Groups 10-26-03 - Group & Session support
  • Disable Style 09-20-03 - Disables style sheets for the page you are viewing.
  • SL Sök? 09-16-03 - This script is only interesting for swedes
  • Search Button 09-10-03 - Add a Google search button to your toolbar
  • Image List 09-04-03 - List all images in current browsing page
  • Play Link in Winamp 09-04-03 - General purpose macro for playing local or remote links in Winamp
  • Session Macro 09-04-03 - Implements session support w/ 8 save slots.
  • Print Prep 07-19-03 - Formats the current page for improved printing to a monochrome printer (strips colors,etc)
  • Python 06-08-03 - Python fan's menu collection
  • Open Directory 06-08-03 - Open specific directory using windows explorer
  • Open in IE 05-19-03 - Open webpage in MSIE - When need arises that you really must open your webpage in that Other Browser (e.g. javascript or plug-in problems). Go ahead. Indulge in the Dark Side.
  • Zoom In & Zoom Out Images? 05-10-03 - For all images on the page
  • List Images as Links 04-25-03 - Creates a list of all images as clickable links rather than the images themselves
  • Highlight 03-07-03 - Highlights all instances of a word on a webpage
  • IE via Neptune plugin 02-28-03 - Using the Neptune plugin to embed an IE5 browsing frame in K-M & load the Window Update site in it.
  • Find All 02-19-03 - Search for a string in a page
  • View link's URL 02-19-03 - Slight variation of the "View Link URL" macro found in the LinkPopup menu.



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