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How to Contribute

Anyone can contribute to the K-Meleon project. Although programmers are welcome, non-programmers can help us develop many important parts of the K-meleon browser project. If you possess any unique skills not mentioned here, let us know and we'll find some way that you can help.

All contributors are welcome, and encouraged, to join the developers' mailing list.


  • Plugins: The modular design of K-Meleon makes it possible to extend the browser through internal plugins (kplugins). All current plugins can be built with most any C++ compiler. See the KPluginSpecs, KPluginExample and KPluginsAndGcc pages for details. There are several reports filed in the BTS for the various plugins that need work, or you could create a new plugin of your own.
  • Internationalization: There are still several places where K-Meleon cannot accept all international characters. Although Windows 95/98 offers very poor support, K-Meleon can still be improved in this area.


  • Testing: A beta-tester makes sure that the upcoming version of K-meleon works at least as well as the previous version. This beta testing process involves exhaustive tests with all major browser components and writing reports for the developers' mailing list.
  • Bug-Triage: In the BugTrackingSystem we often see the same bugs reported more than once. Such reports should be merged. There are also bugs that no one can reproduce and even reports that no one can understand. If you know the BugReportingGuidelines and are a good technical writer, please help us decipher, combine and comment on bug reports.

Documentation Writers

  • KMeleonWiki: The KMeleonWiki is a an effort to restructure and rewrite the old static website. The first step is to move the old pages into the new system. Help us do this by fixing typos and language errors. After that, help us restructure the texts and pages into a more logical order. Then, we can work on overhauling the website with new text and content.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: An FAQ contains the most frequently asked questions (with answers) about the K-meleon browser. These questions are logically grouped to ease the search for answers. If you regularly visit the KMeleonForum you know what questions are most often asked. Write down a good answer (make it a new page if needed) and point people to the FAQs the next time a question comes up in the forum.
  • Tutorials: Within the KMeleonWiki is a need for new and updated Tutorials, which are short step-by-step instructions on how to perform common tasks. Both easy and advanced tasks are welcome.


  • Website, FAQ, Release Notes, etc: With the KMeleonWiki it is even easier than before to translate the webpages. See the page about Wiki Translations for further instructions.


  • Skins: K-Meleon is in need of a new fresh and modern look. See TutorialSkinning for information about the graphics needed to create a full skin. Hopefully we will one day see a NewDefaultSkin? for K-Meleon, preferably one that follows Microsoft's current guidelines for creating Windows Icons. For some examples of the different looks K-Meleon can have, download any of the skins on the KMeleonThemesWiki page. If you are then inspired to create your own skin, submit it to us.
  • Toolbar graphics: can be any dimension but must be bitmap format.
  • Animated "throbber": AVI, 60k max to be included in official distribution, 100k max to be appreciated.
  • Anything else pretty: Any other "K-Meleon inspired" graphics that you want to share with us? See our Resources section for examples of K-Meleon graphics and contact information for sharing graphics.

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