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K-Meleon Wiki Translations

Here you will find information on how to use translations of the K-Meleon Wiki and how to create and maintain them. Translations of the K-Meleon browser can be obtained from the Download page. If you are interested in creating a new translation of the browser, please visit the Localization page.

How do I choose the K-Meleon Wiki language and what translations do exist?

The K-Meleon Wiki and Forums currently fully support the following languages/translations:

When you visit the K-Meleon Wiki (or Forums) and your browser is telling our web server that your preferred document language is one of those listed above, it will automatically deliver the requested document in this language (provided a translation exists). No further actions are necessary.

If you are using a Gecko-based browser like K-Meleon, SeaMonkey or Firefox, you can customize your preferred document language(s). Navigate to about:config and type "intl" into the filter bar. The value of the preference named "intl.accept_languages" is a comma-separated list of language codes. It could be something like "en-us, en" - meaning US-American English is preferred and English in general is accepted - or something like "de, en" - meaning German is preferred and English is accepted as a fallback. You can add additional language codes or change your preferred languages' order of precedence.

If your browser is accepting documents in more than one of the languages listed above, you will be able to switch between these languages through the green navigation bar on the left-hand side of each page. This will enforce the K-Meleon Wiki language overriding your browser settings. Your choice will be stored in a cookie and will be remembered when you revisit the K-Meleon Wiki or Forums later (provided you have allowed kmeleon.sourceforge.net to set persistent cookies on your system). By clicking one of the following links, this mechanism can also be used to set the K-Meleon Wiki language to one of those that are currently not fully supported:

Feel free to add new translations to this list (some more country flags are available here).

Note that the K-Meleon Wiki's default language is English. That is to say that all Wiki pages are created in English and then translated into other languages. In case of doubt, the English pages are more up to date than any translations.

How do I translate a K-Meleon Wiki page into my language?

First, you should change the K-Meleon Wiki language to English. Then navigate to the page you want to translate and click on EditThisPage at the bottom of that page. Best copy the page's WikiMarkup into a text file on your computer and translate it offline. This is also to ensure that you do not loose your work by accident.

When your translation is ready, create a new K-Meleon Wiki page for it. Normally, all English Wiki pages have a WikiWord as name, KMeleonWiki for instance. The name of your translated page would then be KMeleonWikiXy, where Xy is the two-letter (alpha-2) ISO 639-1 Code for your language. For instance De for German, Fr for French and so on. Simply navigate to the English page you have made a translation for, append your Xy code to that page's URL in your browser's location bar and navigate to the new location. Normally, you will be notified that this page does not yet exist. Click on EditThisPage at the bottom of that page and paste your translated WikiMarkup. Use the preview feature to correct mistakes before saving it!

Now switch back the K-Meleon Wiki language to your language. When you navigate to the page you have just translated, for instance KMeleonWiki, you will get your translation KMeleonWikiXy instead. You neither need to navigate directly to KMeleonWikiXy, nor do you need to link directly to KMeleonWikiXy - KMeleonWikiXy is displayed automatically in place of KMeleonWiki when you have set the K-Meleon Wiki language to Xy. Consequently, when you translate a K-Meleon Wiki page, you should never change the target of a HyperLink? from WikiWord to WikiWordXy. The translation of a page is chosen automatically!

What is there to consider before translating a K-Meleon Wiki page?

Before you translate a certain page, you should think about whether it is really making sense to create a translation. Keep in mind that a translation is not useful when it is totally outdated. When the page you want to translate is not really essential, or when it is edited very often, it is not likely to happen that somebody will update your translation when it went out of date. At least, translate the main pages of the K-Meleon Wiki like KMeleonWiki as well as News, Download and the other pages accessible from the green navigation bar on the left. Documentation pages are usually not updated very often and translations might be really helpful for people who do not speak English well. Leave pages untranslated where people are offering code (e.g. MacroLibrary) or downloads (e.g. KMeleonThemesWiki). For such pages it is more important that the provided information is up to date.

The K-Meleon Wiki accepts WikiMarkup encoded in UTF-8. Normally, you can just enter your text in your local character set - your browser should do the conversion for you. Use the preview feature to check whether your text is displayed correctly. Otherwise, try it with an UTF-8-capable editor - edit your WikiMarkup in the editor, and then copy and paste it into your browser.

How can I delete a translation of a K-Meleon Wiki page?

You cannot. Wiki pages cannot be deleted. But you can empty a Wiki page. When a translation of a Wiki page is empty, it is simply ignored and the original (English) page is displayed in place of it.

Emptying a translated Wiki page might make sense when the informations given on that page are totally outdated. When you find an outdated translation but do not have the time to update it yourself, it may be better to empty the translation and let somebody else create a new one...

How can I create/maintain a whole translation of the K-Meleon Wiki?

Visit the PageIndex to find out which Wiki pages do exist and thus which pages might be translated into your language. When you want to update K-Meleon Wiki pages in your language on a regular basis, visit NewestPages and UpdatedPages to find out what is new or updated.

The text displayed in the green navigation bar on the left can be translated by creating a translation of the WebsiteMenu page. Translations of this page are also used in the K-Meleon Forums.


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