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Welcome to the K-Meleon Themes Wiki page. Here you'll find skin packages which include all bitmaps, icons, and throbbers needed to complete each theme. Please be encouraged to submit your own theme packages, but try to include all related images to make the theme complete.

New: New K-Meleon Themes page for K-Meleon 1.5.X


  • Themes are sorted by date. The most recently updated and/or added are at the top. Click on each author's name to visit his or her theme page. Upon download, extract the contents of the theme zip file to your K-Meleon skins directory.
  • Updated theme installer packages for K-Meleon 1.1 by guenter are currently available here.

Special mention has to be made for Lim Chee Aun, who created K-Meleon's default theme, Phoenity.


InTheDarK by jsnj

(Feb. 6th, 2009)
Updated for K-Meleon v1.5. Made specifically for the increasingly popular black-based desktop themes.

KnasaKnightLaunch by jsnj

(Jan. 31st, 2009)
Port of mcdavis941's Nasa Night Launch. One of Firefox's most downloaded themes.

888-Gold Theme v.060820 Final

by 888

(Aug. 22nd, 2006) Download 888-Gold Theme for K-Meleon v.1.0x - 1.1
A double theme, contains 'Standard' and 'Large' theme versions.
Preview of standard size theme:
(800x600 screen) http://static.flickr.com/85/222637320_58ae0f7f42_o.png
Preview of large size theme:
(1280x1024 screen) http://static.flickr.com/57/222637322_0ec017b9a7_o.png

K-Scribblies Kids by Ken Lynch

Adapted for use with K-Meleon 1.0 by Grendel

(Nov. 2nd '06) Download K-Scribblies Kids for K-Meleon 1.0
A fun and artistic theme.

iFox Smooth by Riz

Adapted for use with K-Meleon 1.0 by Grendel

(Nov. 2nd '06) Download iFox Smooth for K-Meleon 1.0
A smooth and sleek design.

Orange 0.2.5 Lite by Maple.nu

Adapted for use with K-Meleon 1.0 by Grendel

(Nov. 2nd '06) Download Orange 0.2.5 Lite for K-Meleon 1.0
A lightweight, contemporary design.

Smoke by Aaron Spuler

Adapted for use with K-Meleon 0.8 by Neil Jenkins
Re-adapted for K-Meleon 1.0 by Grendel

(Nov. 2nd '06) Download Smoke for K-Meleon 1.0
Ported (and re-ported) from Aaron Spuler's original Mozilla Smoke theme.


by Rapido

(Sep. 5th '06) Download KM'sLick for K-Meleon v1.5
This is just the thing somwhere between themes.


by Rapido

(Sep. 5th '06) Download KmN8 for K-Meleon v1.5
This is a K-Meleon version of Netscape 8.0 theme.


by Rapido

(Sep. 5th '06) Download KMax for K-Meleon v1.0
This one is nice don't you think!


by Rapido

(Sep. 3th '06) Download MeleoTang for K-Meleon v1.0
I'ts my way to say welcome to our Asian friends here at K-Meleon.


by Rapido

(Aug. 30th '06) Download KUmicon for K-Meleon v1.5
It's asked for and now it's a proud member of the K-meleon themes family.

Opera Dream

by Rapido

(Now. 16th '10) Download Opera Dream for K-Meleon v1.6
Opera Dream Icons.7z
It's just a dream come true that's what it is. Opera Dream the best theme there is. Obs! To make it complete you need both files. To the second file you need to use 7z or a ziptool that can uncompress 7z files to open.

Phoenity 1.5 for K-Meleon

by Leon Bacud

(Dec. 18th '05) Download Phoenity 1.5 for K-Meleon
This is an update to the K-Meleon default skin. This one updates most of the menu and toolbar icons to what's seen on the latest Firefox versions of the original Phoenity theme.

K-M Crisp

by Rapido

(Aug. 17th '06) Download K-M Crisp for K-Meleon v1.5
Giving a cool touch to the browser. As someone once said I could eat this browser on the spot.

Christmas Grinch

by Rapido

(Updated Aug. 26th '06) Download Christmas Grinch for K-Meleon v1.0
Giving a red and green Christmas feeling to the browser.

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