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K-Meleon is an extremely fast, customizable, lightweight web browser based on the Gecko layout engine developed by Mozilla which is also used by Firefox. K-Meleon is Free, Open Source software released under the GNU General Public License and is designed specifically for Microsoft Windows (Win32) operating systems.

More Information

You may read through the list of Features available in K-Meleon before you Download the latest release version to try it out. You can also see some Screenshots first if you want to know what K-Meleon looks like.

The latest information on K-Meleon's development is found in the News section. Other news, including links to external articles and reviews of K-Meleon can be found at the PressCenter.


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In the Documentation section you can read about the History of K-Meleon, check the FAQ and the Tutorials or read the User's Guide and Reference Manual.

There is also an Installation Guide and articles describing how to install and use ThirdPartyPlugins, such as the JavaPlugin, FlashPlugin and RealPlayerPlugin, as well as many others.

Among the Resources you will find, Themes, Skins and Throbbers, Icons, Buttons and Banners, Links to external resources and Translations of the program.

The Resources section is also the place to find and share ready-made Macros which expand upon the features of K-Meleon through the macros plugin.

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