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We have documents both for the New Users and the ExperiencedUsers as well as for the BetaTesters and the Developers. There are also Translations of the KMeleonWiki pages if you prefer another language than English.

See http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/docs/ for old documents still not added to the KMeleonWiki.

For New Users

There is an InstallationGuide to help you Download and install K-Meleon. In the Tutorials section you will find a set of friendly texts that walk you through some common tasks, such as how to disable popup windows, how to install a new skin or how to install Sun's Java plugin. You will also find valuable information in the User's Guide and the list of Frequently Asked Questions (with answers).

For Experienced Users

For Beta-Testers

Fixing bugs/annoyance in version 0.8.2 (before next release)

Why wait for the next release to have some problems fixed?

For Developers

See the DevelopmentRoadmap and ToDo list for information on where the development is and where it is heading. Please remember that development involves a lot more than writing code. There are many ways that you can Contribute to the K-Meleon project also as a non-programmer.

For programmers the DeveloperDocs page contains texts about how to access the KMeleonCVS, what BuildTools are needed, how to CompileKMeleon, and how to create a new internal plugin for K-Meleon.


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