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Welcome to the Translation and Localization page. Here you'll find translation packages that make K-Meleon speak your language. Please be encouraged to submit your own translations.

K-Meleon is fully localizable since version 1.0. With the help of the language.cfg file you can easily translate menus, toolbars and macros. Additional tools are required to translate the K-Meleon executable and its plugins. For your language there might already exist translations of K-Meleon's chrome parts (SeaMonkey and extensions).

Official localizations of K-Meleon are available in our Download section. For unofficial localizations please refer to the UKmeleon page.

K-Meleon 1.0x

Resources to localize K-Meleon 1.0 and 1.02 are currently available at kko's K-Meleon stuff. You will also find some tutorials there describing the localization of K-Meleon (in progress). If you get stuck with your own localization efforts, need advice or additional information, feel free to contact the author or the K±Meleon Developers Mailing List.

K-Meleon prior to 1.0

The only parts of K-Meleon prior to version 1.0 that are easily translatable are the menu and the toolbar system. As far as toolbars are concerned, you will have to redo the translation for each new theme that you install. You can actually translate the macros too, but this is pretty hard to do.

K-Meleon 0.9.13

K-Meleon 0.9.12

K-Meleon 0.9

K-Meleon 0.8.2

See also older translations still not added to the KMeleonWiki.


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